Sucker for Seasonal Transitions

I’ve been back in Germany for fifteen days and I’ve already committed the equivalent of a cardinal sin. I bought Weihnachtskekse in the second week of September. I couldn’t help myself. Germans don’t do fall the way American commercial culture does fall, and I was missing my flannel clad advertisements and ritual ginger snaps with […]

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Vollkorn in Ordnung

Although it has next to nothing to do with the subject matter to follow, I have to do my due diligence to small-talk enthusiasts across the globe and take a moment to remark upon the weather. I always seem to forget how affected I am by the change in seasons and sudden prolonged presence of sunlight come […]

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How to Say Goodbye

Over the past few weeks, many of my German friends and students have mentioned how strange they find American politics, specifically its modern tendency toward ‘pageantry’ and emotional addresses. The idea that we find it commonplace for our political figures to take to social media, talk shows, or sketch comedy acts in order to promote themselves and voice their thoughts is as foreign […]

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Way Out

In a stunning turn of events, this blog post is overdue! I started writing this three weeks ago and then never got around to finishing it — partially because I got busy and there seemed to be too much to write about, and partially because I was subconsciously (or consciously if we’re being honest) avoiding writing about certain […]

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Weird New Roommate

An incomplete and non-exhaustive list of the weird or unfortunate things I’ve done since moving into my new apartment: Wore a camping headlamp to the bathroom at night Planned my first few showers and meals around roommates not being home so I could be super discrete and out of the way Spent a total of four days actually living in […]

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